A different approach to investing. 


The dictionary says an entrepreneur is a person who starts and manages a business that carries considerable risk. But that definition has always seemed a bit narrow to us. It doesn’t really capture what we admire most about these people.

Entrepreneurs hang out their shingle for all sorts of reasons, but most of those reasons can be traced back to a rather simple idea: a problem that needs a solution, a market no one else notices, a product that’s better than any of us ever imagined.

But then, things get complicated. The road can be bumpy, and not just in the ways we expect or understand. Entrepreneurship, it turns out, is not only about business, it’s about how adversity can shape resolve and how frustration can lead to opportunity.

We are not so personally far removed from all of this. We still get excited when we discover the right elements. We believe in the power of combining those elements with advice, support and a chance for success.

We understand the challenges of those early days; how it feels when no one on your block sees what you’re doing or buys what you’re selling.

And, of course, we think the world benefits from someone doing something as simple and audacious as building a business on a fresh, new idea.

We are Lemonade Capital.